About Us

Personal Message from Pastor Cox:

Relevant Life Church is more than just a new church. It is a new kind of church. We are dedicated to being a church that goes far beyond the words spoken from behind the pulpit. We believe that our words are only as powerful as the actions we use with them.

The ministers of Relevant Life Church are not confined to the picture you see here. Every seat is filled with someone that can be used by God in any moment. Our church body is made up of men and women who live to walk with God each day and help others on their way. Each one brings their unique perspective and gifts so that only together can we complete the work God has called us to.

We are dedicated to the promise that the ministries of RLC will never be contained by the walls of the building. Our ministries are born out of real needs. We believe that the need is the call of God. The church was never meant to be a waiting room for the saints, but a hospital for the hurting. We are closest to God when we are helping His people.

This web site contains so much more than just the ministries of RLC. They are the lifeblood of the members in this family. Each ministry is the purpose of God unlocked in the lives of those who lead it. The miracle of each one is that they now contain the power to unlock purpose in others. From the beginning of time God has never intended us to do anything alone. He has always called a team to accomplish His great plan. The same holds true for us. This family He has brought together is His perfect blend of strengths and abilities to make a difference in our world. We are strong, but we are not yet complete. You are invited to join us on this journey and find out what God will unlock in you.

We believe that when one people come together to serve one God with once voice there is nothing that can stop them. Mother Teresa once said, “Preach always, and if necessary use words.” This community called Relevant Life Church is our greatest sermon. The people are the voice of our message because it is only our lives in action that reveal the truth about what we believe.

Pastor Anthony Cox
Senior Pastor